Gothic Mountain

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
SUBJECT: Gothic Mountain
ASPECT: South, South West, West
ELEVATION: 9500-12600



WEATHER: 10:00 @ 10,700’ – West aspect, 25º slope – Clear, light wind from north, -1ºC – Ski and Boot Pen both 0cm
11:30 @ 11,700’ – West aspect, 35º slope – Clear, moderate wind from east, 2ºC – BootPen between 0 and 5cm – T20: -1ºC
13:30 @ 12,600’ – west aspect, 38º slope – Clear, moderate wind from south, 2ºC – HS: 75cm, T20: -1ºC

SNOWPACK: No signs of instabilities during the day. Surface was frozen and locked up, plenty supportable while skinning and climbing in crampons. HS above 11,500’ was less than a meter in many places. Upper 30cm on snowpack were a combination of multiple melt/freeze crusts. Large facets present under these crusts. Above 11,500’ there was new snow, up to 5cm near the summit. The surface supported weight, but if you worked hard you could break through and plunge to the ground.


Snodgrass, Crested Butte Area

GUIDE(S): Evan
DATE: 3/20/15
LOCATION: Snodgrass
ELEVATIONBTL. 10,300-9,300
ASPECT: N, SE. All slope angles under 35 degrees.
WEATHER: A couple light wind gusts. Otherwise clear sky, strong solar and warm temps.
Surface crusts where about 10″ this morning over wet grains to the ground. These crusts where skiing well on SE aspects at this elevation around 11am. During the noon to 1pm range these crusts where breaking down on SE aspects and becoming unsupportive to boots or skis. During this timeframe we were seeing and hearing huge rumbling collapses on these aspects.
After 1pm we skied on a north aspect that was supportive to both ski and boots with good skiing. This aspect still produced very large rumbling collapses while traveling on it.

Wet Avalanches Co Road 742 Taylor Park

LOCATION: Cement Creek Area
NAME: Havlick
SUBJECT: Wet Avalanches Co Road 742 Taylor Park
ASPECT: North, North East, North West


AVALANCHES: several wet loose and wet slab avalanches reported sliding over CO Rd 742 to Taylor Park. Some of these slides slid past the centerline and required cars to slow and drive around in opposite lane. Rain and warm temps were falling when the slides reportedly slid between 11-2pm on 3/18.  Broken trees seen in debris.




Wet avalanches near town and wet snow at Irwin

LOCATION: Crested Butte and Kebler Pass Areas
NAME: Zach Guy
SUBJECT: Wet avalanches near town and wet snow at Irwin
ASPECT: North East, East, South East, South, West
ELEVATION: 9,000 to 12,000 feet.


AVALANCHES: About 5 new wet avalanches ran yesterday or the day before on Gibson Ridge’s ENE face near town, below treeline. Some were slabs, some were wet loose, and all gouged to the ground, ranging from D1.5 to D2. WS/WL-N-R2-D1.5/2-G
Several very small wet loose and blocks of slab ran today above banks of Coal Creek, NE aspects BTL. Harmless in size and no more than 8 feet of propagation.

WEATHER: Clouds increased from few to broken through the day, with a short period of graupel in the afternoon. Temps rose to 39 degrees at 10k.

SNOWPACK: 2″ of new snow insulated wet snowpack from much of a refreeze last night. On Southeast, South, and West aspects at Irwin from 10k to 12k elevation: Boot penetration was waist deep and/or to the ground from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, with wet grains through the entire snowpack. Ski pen deteriorated through the day, changing from fully supportive to punchy knee deep or deeper by the afternoon.
Stability tests producing sudden collapse failures on facet layers above and below the February 20th crust, about 40 to 50 cm deep, on both SE and W aspects near treeline. Water pooling at this crust, which was very wet.


Skier triggered wet slabs in Climax Chutes

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
NAME: Public
SUBJECT: Skier triggered wet slabs in Climax Chutes
ASPECT: North East
ELEVATION: Below treeline

SNOWPACK: Skier triggered wet slab in Climax Chute yesterday. Middle to lower elevation of the chute.

Skier triggered wetslab in Climax Chutes near Slate River

Skier triggered wetslab in Climax Chutes near Slate River

Large Wet Loose Avalanches in Evans Basin

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
NAME: havlick
SUBJECT: Large Wet Loose Avalanches in Evans Basin
ASPECT: East, South East
ELEVATION: 9000-10000


AVALANCHES: Several large wet loose avalanches gouging down to ground below E-facing cliff bands. Entrained quite a bit of snow, pushing size 2 range. not quite wet slab, but did propagate horizontally a bit more than the classic triangular shaped wet loose activity.

WEATHER: overcast, scattered rain and snow showers. warm temps, light west winds

SNOWPACK: Quite warm, unconsolidated snow, punchy. melt water continues to advance, but quite variable, from full depth in shallower areas to 6-10″ in others.


Mt. Axtell

GUIDE(S): Donny

DATE: 15-03-18

LOCATION: Axtell / Green Lake
ELEVATION9100’ to 11,800′
ASPECT: Mostly north and northeast with a few pitches of southern aspect
WEATHER: 0945 @ 10,000’ – Low angle, north aspect – Overcast, flurries, light wind, 4ºC, SkiPen: 5cm
1100 @ 10,800’ – Ridge – Broken sky, calm, 4ºC, SkiPen: 5cm, BootPen: 20cm
1230 @ 11,600’ – Top of Couloir – Overcast, S-1, light wind, 4ºC, SkiPen: 5cm, BootPen: 5cm
1400 @ 11,800’ – Top of second couloir – Overcast, S-1, light wind, 3ºC, SkiPen: 15cm, BootPen: 30cm (to ground)
SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Skied moist and wet snow all day.  Felt a few “whumpfs” in flat terrain as surface crust collapsed.  When sun would break through for a moment a greenhouse effect could be felt and rollerballs and pinwheels would be present immediately. This was never prolonged.  No other signs of instabilities.  I probed during the entire climb of a north facing couloir.  Average depth was less than a meter and it obviously slid quite a bit during the previous storm cycle.  The snow is dense and consistent throughout the snowpack.  Surface was “hot pow” and didn’t want to run down hill.  On the way home, south aspects were completely isothermal and the north facing glades were wet.

Wet slab avalanches

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Zach Guy
SUBJECT: Wet slab avalanches
ASPECT: East, South East
ELEVATION: Near/ Above treeline


AVALANCHES: Explosives triggered one wet slab, about 200 feet wide and 1 foot deep on a SE aspect near treeline. WS-AB-R2-D2-O

Second hand observations:
1)Wet slabs on skiers right of the Lady? Maybe Coon too? Hard to say, but looked like 2x D2 in Coon, maybe 40 m wide? Roughly the same in the Lady with a second pocket on the lower bench.
2.) Wet slab avalanche on an East aspect of Whetstone Mtn.

WEATHER: High of 52F at 10k. Light winds. Few clouds.

SNOWPACK: Ski pen increases from the top 5 cm late morning to nearly full depth by the afternoon. Around 3 p.m., we skier triggered one shooting crack on a SE aspect at 11,800 ft,  10 feet wide and about a foot deep, failing on wet grains. The slab moved downhill 6″ but stopped.


Mt. Emmons

GUIDE(S): Donny

DATE: 15-03-17


LOCATION: Red Lady Bowl and Evan’s Basin

ELEVATION: 9200’ to 12,400’


WEATHER: 11:30 @ 11,200’ – SE Aspect: Clear, 6ºC, light wind from south, T20: 0ºC, SkiPen: 5cm, BootPen: full leg;
12:30 @ 12,400’ – Summit: Clear, 8ºC, moderate wind from south, T20: -1ºC, Ski Pen: 10cm, Boot Pen: 10cm
14:30 @ 11,800’ – SSW Aspect: Mostly sunny, 11ºC, calm, T20: -2ºC, SkiPen: 5cm, BootPen: 10cm

SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Evidence of recent wet slab activity on multiple faces, mostly SE aspects. Climbing up through and above RLG I found mostly wet snow with free water present on SE aspects. SW/W aspects clearly get hot in afternoon as they are all runneled. Skied far skier’s left of RLB and found 5 to 10 cm of wet snow over still cold (-2ºC). At 12:45 it was moist and dense, but not yet wet. Surface produced insignificant surface sliding and a handful of rollerballs and pinwheels.

White Mountain

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
NAME: Kirk
SUBJECT: White Mountain



WEATHER: Bluebird Morning temp at @ 7:15 23F light wind from the north

SNOWPACK: Solid as a rock .. spring supportable . 10:30 am Due East was good to go from the top all way to bottom . lower elevations were getting soft much later could be hating it .