Reported By: Eric Murrow


A quick yet hard-hitting storm will impact the Crested Butte area through the early afternoon today. With snowfall totals up to 8 inches by 2 pm and strong westerly winds, expect to find fresh drifts on the east half of the compass. Drifts will build throughout the day a become more problematic as the day progresses. Deeper in the snowpack are older weak layers that continue to produce avalanches and will be stressed by another loading event. The most suspect terrain will be slopes that face north through east through southeast that receive fresh wind-loading. It is possible for you to trigger an avalanche in the recently drifted snow as well as deeper weak layers.

Fresh drifts will form underneath ridgetops, below cornices, and have a smooth, pillowy appearance. Identifying and avoiding drifted terrain will reduce your chances of triggering an avalanche. Sheltered terrain will generally offer safer riding conditions, but there are known weak layers in the upper snowpack like Surface Hoar. Take the time to dig into the snowpack in sheltered terrain to identify if concerning weak layers are present.

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Here’s a shot of a triggered avalanche on a drifted east facing slope of Mt Emmons from yesterday. With more snow and wind, expect drifted terrain to produce similar results today. If snowfall is greater today than forecasted anticipate the danger to rise closer to CONSIDERABLE. ...

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The CBAC out checking the snowpack near Gothic today ahead of tomorrow’s storm. Lots of weak layer out there. Take your pick.. #cbavy ...

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Complexity is on the the snowpack becomes more complex your terrain choices should become simpler and of lower consequence. Here’s a shot of a triggered avalanche out at the Anthracites. ...

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Impressive snowfall totals out Kebler Pass today...also found reactive surface hoar layer down 70cm. Check out our Facebook page for a video on this layer! ...

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