Crested Butte Zone Weather Stations

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  • Elkton Weather Data ∞ In Memory of Dan Krajewski: 11,000′ Elkton, CO Click here
  • Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Snow and Weather: Current conditions in Gothic. RMBL provides this valley with a wealth of useful weather and snowpack information, including daily, seasonal, and historical data. Click here
  • Schofield Pass Snotel Site: Snotel at 10,700′ near Schofield Pass. Click here
  • Upper Taylor Snotel Site: Snotel at 10,640′ near Opa’s Hut. Click here
  • Irwin Weather Data: Irwin Snow Study plot 10,200′ Click here Scarp Ridge Station at 12,000′ Click here
  • Butte Snotel Site: Snotel on Mt. Crested Butte at 10,100′.  Click here
  • CBMR Wind Tower: Wind and temperature data from 11,400′ on Mt. Crested Butte.  Click here
  • CBMR Study Snow Report And Pow Cam: Daily snow measurements from 11,300′ on Mt. Crested Butte. Click Snow Report, Pow Cam.
  • CBTV weather station: Wind, temperature, and hand-crafted valley forecasts.  Click here