Red Lady Glades trespassing PSA

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Dear Community,

In an effort to preserve everyone’s access to Red Lady, we are asking backcountry travelers to respect the restricted access boundaries around the Mt. Emmons Wastewater Treatment Plant Site. This is the working area to your left as you are climbing the Red Lady skin track. The Site Supervisor on Mt. Emmons has encountered an increase in backcountry travelers on their water treatment plant property this year. They have asked us to help spread the word that while the Red Lady skin track is currently open, they may have to enforce a no-trespass policy for the community’s safety and the security of their facilities if it continues. The mine regularly operates heavy equipment and snow removal machinery on their roads and does not want a collision with skiers or riders. Additionally, the area of concern includes the Keystone Snow Course established in 1961 by the NRCS for measuring snow water equivalent in the Upper Gunnison watershed. That snow course and the surrounding area lie on private land. Continued impacts on the area could compromise important data collection vital to our water source. The standard fall line egress from Red Lady Glades does not pass through this private property, the route that veers east towards the bottom does. Please familiarize yourself with this image of the property boundary if you enjoy skiing Red Lady Glades.

Thanks, Crested Butte Avalanche Center

Fireside Chat Speaker Series #2 (Recording Link)

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Link to Recording of this chat!

Code: U#@chi8D

Graham Sexstone is a Research Hydrologist with the USGS Colorado Water Science Center. Graham will be presenting on USGS snow monitoring and modeling activities in the Upper Colorado River Basin and will highlight research efforts planned in and around the greater Crested Butte and Gunnison areas. This research is focused on better understanding snow as a water resource and linking snowpack to streamflow.

Featured Image also contains link to additional weather station link in the Kebler Pass/Lake Irwin area.

Beacon Brushup

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Join our team of local guides and avalanche forecasters for a FREE rescue training event at the Crested Butte Community School.  Don’t worry, even though there isn’t snow on the ground, we’ll have several stations designed to improve your beacon and rescue skills.  This event is intended for all age groups and skill levels.  We’ll be running skills clinics from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  After party to follow.



Fireside Chat #1

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CBAC Fireside Chat Speaker Series #1:  Near misses and close calls

In-person at the Crested Butte Library.  Revised time: 6 to 7 pm.  Streaming live on our Facebook Page.


2021 Avalanche Awareness Night

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