Upper Slate

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Location: Purple Ridge
Date of Observation: 11/26/2020
Name: Evan Ross

Subject: Upper Slate
Aspect: East
Elevation: 12,000-9,600

Weather: Clouds decreased to partly cloudy during the mid-day, then started increasing to mostly cloudy again in the afternoon. Mild temps. Clam winds down low. Moderate wind at ridgeline with periods of snow saltation close to the ground. No plumes off the high peaks. Up to an inch of new snow today baby! Keeping it soft, better than nothing.

Snowpack: Traveled in this same area a couple of days ago. Not much change. The old wind-drifts at ridgeline were hard and didn’t give any signs to instability. Today’s new snow had formed some soft few inch drifts right near ridgeline.

Backcountry riders continue to step out and ride more and more terrain features. With conditions going mostly quiet I suspect we will see few observations come in.