The Keebler Elves were cranking

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/07/2021
Name: Zach Kinler
Zone: Northwest Mountains
Location: Kebler Pass, Lily Lake, Irwin
Elevation: 9,000′-10,400′


Avalanches: Observed several avalanches with fresh crowns and debris that look to have run in the last 12-24 hrs as well as some that ran late on 2/5 or early 2/6.  Poked around the debris from the Ruby D3+ avalanche. There were numerous broken trees up to 5″ in diameter in the debris field.

Weather: Winds picked up in the afternoon and began to pick up a bit more snow. Snow on a few ridgelines was getting blasted into the sky while efficient loading was occurring on Scarp ridge. Moderate winds were making it down valley in open areas below treeline.  Temps were warm with abundant sunshine.