CB Avalanche Center 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: upper end of Slate River Valley

Date of Observation: 11/25/2020

Name: Than Acuff


Subject: Sunpow

Aspect: North East

Elevation: BTL to ATL


None observed, new snow stuffing from below rocks on north aspect above treeline.


Weather: Sunny and temps ranged from single digits (morning in valley floor) to 30’s (1 p.m. valley floor).

Snowpack: There were spots where the snowpack had 7 inches new new on top of 20 inches of denser snow and no crusts on a more north aspect in the open but below treeline. Then, 50 feet further it was 7 inches on top of 20 inches of unconsolidated snow. And then, off the ridge top was 8 inches of new snow sitting on a firm crust on NE aspects and deeper pack, 30 inches total give or take. And small pockets of wind load off the ridgetop.
I am super psyched on the early bird raffle and virtual Awareness Night on December 4.