Stubborn wind slabs

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: Augusta

Date of Observation: 11/25/2020

Name: Zach Guy


Subject: Stubborn wind slabs

Aspect: East, South East, South

Elevation: to 12,500′


Two small natural windslabs on easterly aspects near and above treeline that likely ran Tuesday morning. A dozen or so small loose dry avalanches on steep northerly terrain in more sheltered basins, likely similar timing. All D1s.

Weather: Clear, mild temps. Moderate ridgetop winds with light transport, a brief period of moderate transport this afternoon.

Snowpack: About 4″ to 6″ of settled storm snow, generally on a stout melt-freeze crust on the sunnier aspects that we traveled on. The snow saw a fair amount of redistribution from northwest winds at near and above treeline elevations – drifts up to 18″ thick. Wind slabs were quite stubborn today; minimal feedback from stomping on test slopes. Got one crack after undercutting a steep, wind-loaded feature and then stomping on it from above (See photo). Skied terrain up to 38* with no instabilities.