Splains Gulch

CB Avalanche Center 2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 12/26/2020

Name: Jack Caprio

Zone: Kebler Pass Area

Location: Splains Gulch

Aspect: North East, East

Elevation: 9400′-10400′


Avalanches: Two small (D.5 and D1), older avalanches that failed on the 12/10 interface at some point over the last two weeks. The slides failed on small convexities on east-facing slopes below treeline.

Weather: Bluebird. Mild temps. Little to no wind.

Snowpack: We traveled mostly on E aspects below treeline. The snow depth ranged from 60-80 cm. Recently developed surface hoar is widespread below 10,000′, and spotty above that. While touring on a common skintrack, we did not notice any collapsing or whumphing. After venturing off the skin track a short distance, we still did not get any visual or audible signs of collapsing.

Staying skeptical about the persistent slab problem, we tried some stability tests which gave us propagating results. ECTP18. The column initiated on 3-4 mm faceted grains just below a 2 cm MF crust (12/10 interface). With our mild weather, signs of instability seem to be becoming less blatant, however, our persistent slab structure on N-E facing terrain continues to linger around.