Skier trigger, sympathetic, remote

CB Avalanche Center 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Southeast Mountains

Location: Coneys

Date of Observation: 12/19/2020

Name: Joey Carpenter


Subject: Skier trigger, sympathetic, remote

Aspect: North East

Elevation: 9.6-10.8


We triggered three avalanches on the skiers left exit of coneys “proper” all within about 30 seconds of each other today. Number 1 (top right in photo) was skier triggered from the flank. It released with little energy and the skier was easily able to ski off the slab. R1D1 on a convex roll. This avalanche sympathetically released a R1D2 avalanche approximately 100 yards away (top left of photo). After we regrouped below avalanche number one, we took no more than 2 steps to traverse around the last steep roll and remote triggered the third R2D2 (bottom center) avalanche that piled up very deep on the bench below. We were about 20 yards away from the release point. Crown heights were estimated to be 18-24″ and slope angles were >35 degrees. Did not measure though. These were all persistent slab avalanches running on the 12/10 interface.

Weather: Few clouds passing throughout the day. Strong winds at ridgetops with substantial flagging in eastern and western parts of the Fx area visible from the coneys ridgetop.

Snowpack: A mess. We’ll miss you Jeff, thanks for everything.