Schofield area

CB Avalanche Center2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: North Pole Basin

Date of Observation: 12/05/2020

Name: Ben Pritchett


Subject: Schofield area


Elevation: Above treeline


Mid morning we watched a few cinnamon rolls come out of southeast facing cliffs.

Weather: Warm and calm.

Snowpack: We found highly variable, soft wind-textured snow surfaces. Average snowpack depth ranged from one and half feet on east to south facing slopes, with and average just over two feet deep on north to east-facing slopes. The snowpack remains essentially right-side-up, with denser stiffer snow near the ground and weaker faceted snow near the snow surface. Ski penetration averaged ~4 to 6 inches deep. In shallowly snow-coved wind-swept areas the snowpack was less supportive with ski penetration to the ground.