Remote triggered slide at Irwin

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: Irwin Tenure

Date of Observation: 12/14/2020

Name: Irwin Guides

Subject: Remote triggered slide at Irwin

Avalanches: Skied the far skiers right side of lodge gully W aspect <TL and remotely triggered from 50′ away a .5 to the ground 50′ wide. SS-AS/u-D.5-G

Weather: Cold morning low of -14. Started snowing at 0700 after a clear night. Sky remained Obscure all day snowing S1/ S-1 off and on all day. Winds were Calm <TL and light out of the S >TL.

Snowpack: Snowpack has settled and become supportive. Ski pen averaged 30cm. The average HS up to 70 ridge was 50-60cm. Toured up the road system to the top of 70 down 70 gully to skin track and Lodge Gully to finish. Observed numerous collapses but nothing not to be expected or too large. Several Obs on Steeper terrain around Irwin village road cuts, etc. had cracked to the ground slumped but did not run. These occurred two days ago near the end of the storm.