Red Coon Glades

CB Avalanche Center 2018-19 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 02/03/2019
Name: Will Nunez

Subject: Red Coon Glades
Aspect: South East, South
Elevation: 9,600-11,000


5-2” Wind slabs formed in leaward areas SE And where touchy to skier travel, releasing and intraining gully gullie features close to the Kebler TH

No other instabilities where observed

Weather: Sky’s Overcast (OVC) to Obscure (X) at times, Precipitation went from snow (SN) and mixed graupel (GR) S1-S2, Winds out of the S-SW Mod to heavy gusts, with snow plums and transport.

Snowpack: New snow accumulations ranged from 3-6” landing on a 2cm sun crust on S-SE aspects. Surface forms consisted of graupel and new snow, most old ski track where fully covered back up.