Purple Mountain

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Paradise Divide Area
NAME: Evan Ross
ASPECT: North East, East
ELEVATION: Above Tree Line

WEATHER: Few clouds, silly cold temps, Strong NNW winds at ridge lines above 12,500ft. Not a lot of snow available for transport on the Western sides of ridges lines but there was still blowing snow on summit ridge lines.

SNOWPACK: Didn’t find any new windslabs of concerning size on east and northeast aspects below ridgelines even with drifting snow today. Upper snowpack mainly consisted of 20cm low density snow sitting on 1f+ to P hard slabs from previous wind events. Didn’t find any buried surface hoar. Small loose snow avalanches was the main concern. Still didn’t have the confidence to push persistent slab margins in steep rocking terrain, or what looked to be hard slabs sitting on facets in ATL wind affected areas.

AVALANCHES: Numerous loose snow avalanches from the last few days that where d1.5’s at best. Several shallow slabs on on east facing terrain generally propagating 50ft wide. One in the ragged wilderness area looked to be a couple hundred feet wide.