Pow Day!

CB Avalanche Center 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: Upper Slate

Date of Observation: 11/24/2020

Name: steve banks


Subject: Pow Day!

Aspect: North East, East

Elevation: 11,600


2 x Small pocket slabs remotely triggered at ridgeline. 12-18″ crowns, 20-30′ across running 20-30′ downhill. These were the deepest drifts we found all day, loaded pockets right at the ridgeline. No slab development in other areas. These both broke remotely from 10′ away, broke slowly and didn’t gain much momentum. Both failures were within the new snow, with wind whipped snow over stellars. Both SS-ASr-R1-D1-S

Weather: Broken skies in the morning with in and out sunshine and light winds. Around noon clouds filled in, NW winds picked up and it began snowing again.

Snowpack: Average 6″ of light density new snow on a supportive soft crust. New snow was relatively dense and bonding well to crust. Very little slab development was noted except right at ridgeline. Snow was noticeably lighter at higher elevation.