Deep snowpack Upper Slate

CBAC CBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 01/11/2022
Name: Zach Guy

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Route Description: Upper Slate. Traveled mostly on E and NE aspects to 12,000 ft.

Observed avalanche activity: No
Avalanches: Nothing today. Spotted a few more small wet loose avalanches from yesterday on south facing ATL terrain.
Weather: Thin scattered clouds, light westerly winds at ridgetop. Mild temps.
Snowpack: No signs of instability. Snow depths averaged 3 meters. I probed on a slope that is often thin and wind eroded and snow depth there was just over 2 meters. Snow surfaces are morphing into small-grained near surface facets. Evidence of northwest winds drifting some snow overnight, but didn’t see any obvious wind slabs where we traveled.