Cinnamon East Face

CB Avalanche Center 2020-21 Observations

Zone: Northwest Mountains

Location: Cinnamon

Date of Observation: 11/19/2020

Name: Alan bernholtz

Subject: Cinnamon East Face

Aspect: East

Elevation: 12,000′

Avalanches:  Non observed

Weather: Partly cloudy skies, moderate west winds with temps around freezing

Snowpack: A wide variety of surface conditions in addition to a variable snowpack depth was observed. We found wind deposited snow on the surface as well as some D/F grains. The surface of the snow was moist in wind protected areas. There was very little blowing snow on the ridge tops. There was some wind crusts, some sun crusts and some facetted snow that we observed on our ski up and down.
The snowpack varied from 50cm to ground. No signs of instability were observed even on 40 degree pitches.
The road up had wind drifts but was easily manageable on snowmobiles.