Avalanche burial and Ruby carnage

CBAC 2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/06/2021
Name: Irwin Guides


Zone: Northwest Mountains
Location: Irwin Tenure

Avalanches: Patroller capture and full burial on Sunny Shoulder Right (SW@ 11.6k near TL) during AM ski checks. Companion rescue, no injuries. The SS-ASu-R2/D2-O 75cm x 15m x 100m ran on a crust, but not the most recent crust; stepped down lower in the track; and fetched up in the compressions zone producing a debris field ~75m wide and up to 3m deep in spots. The slope was not open, but was being prepared for opening. It received ~30 lbs of explosives (6 shots) yesterday including a 17lb air blast.

Also, Ruby ran wall to wall, maybe D3+, probably last night during peak PI or wind. You probably heard.
Snowpack: HST 17″ with .9″ of water. 13″ of that came overnight last night. Despite strong alpine winds, transport and Wind Slab were not significant factors near and below treeline in areas travelled. Excellent powder skiing. Explosive testing produced no results. Ski testing also produced no notable results, with the following notable exception.