Adventure Quest

CB Avalanche Center 2017-18 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 01/16/2018
Name: Kirk H

Subject: Adventure Quest
Aspect: North, North East, East
Elevation: 11400 ft


Past Avalanche activity observed , at least 5 . Most Big and to the Valley floor . See Pic’s

Weather: Calm, Sunny and Cold
Snowpack: There are many 4 letter expletive’s to describe the snowpack and “good” isn’t one of them.
Depending on where you poked 50-70cm in Depth. From the start to about 10,000ft lots of whumpfing and some cracking. Above 10k it stopped.


IMG_5849.jpg IMG_5852.jpg IMG_5853.jpg IMG_5854.jpg IMG_5855.jpg IMG_5856.jpg IMG_5857.jpg IMG_5858.jpg IMG_5859.jpg IMG_5860.jpg