Mountain Weather January 28, 2015

Date: 01/28/2015

A weak disturbance passes to our north today, bringing a chance for an inch or two of snow under continued mild temperatures and some gusty winds. Thursday will be cloudy and warm as transient and weak upper-level ridge builds. We are happy to escort January out the door, but it might be leaving with a fight. A moisture-rich closed low moves across Arizona on Friday into Saturday. Models are currently showing favored snowfall for Southern Colorado, but those closed lows can wobble around like a drunk guy at the Talk of the Town. Lets hope it stumbles closer to the Elk Mountains.

Mountain Weather January 27, 2015

Date: 01/27/2015

A few mountain weather stations did not dip below freezing last night with high pressure holding dry, warm air over Colorado. A low pressure system originating from the subtropics will try and fight through the ridge today, feeding moisture and continued warm temperatures, as it is deflected northwards by the ridge. Atmospheric temperatures look unfavorable for any real snowfall today. The southern Jet arrives tonight, accelerating the system eastward and improving snowfall dynamics , but only enough to wring out a couple of inches by Wednesday evening. A complex weather pattern is developing later in the week, with several circulation patterns arriving from the south. Stay tuned.

Mountain Weather January 26, 2015

Date: 01/26/2015

There could be a sighting of a collage kid walking around in shorts and a t-shirt today Yep, its going to be warm with relatively calm winds. The current weather pattern isn’t favorable for cold weather or snow in the coming weak. Tomorrow we’ll see increased cloudiness and slightly colder temperatures and maybe a couple inches of snow for northern Colorado by Wednesday. You best just enjoy the nice weather today.

Mountain Weather January 25, 2015

Date: 01/25/2015

Well if it isn’t going to be snowy, at least it will be warm. We’ll see increasing high temperatures over the next few days with colder temps in the valleys due to inversions. There are a couple small storms late this week that will try to knock the socks of the current dry weather. These storms are going to need all the help they can to make anything happen, so you best be doing your daily snow dance.

Mountain Weather for Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Date: 01/24/2015

High pressure continues to strengthen its stranglehold on the central Rockies, and does not look to loosen its grip for the foreseeable future. A few disturbances may wiggle around the ridge, but should not produce much more than increased cloudiness for our area mountains. Winds and temperatures should remain fairly constant over the next several days. Light winds, cold nighttime temperatures and more mild days, especially above those valley inversions.

Mountain Weather for Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Date: 01/23/2015

Valley inversions will strengthen with the high pressure building over the west coast today through the foreseeable future. Some weak shortwaves look to potentially begin to try and sneak over the ridge every few days bringing a flurry and increasing cloudiness, but overall, no significant storms within sight…enjoy the sun and work on those early spring goggle tans…

Mountain Weather January 22, 2015

Date: 01/22/2015

Most weather stations around the zone are showing sub zero temperatures this morning. An upper high pressure ridge expands over our region today as a closed low works across New Mexico, making for a sunny and stable day. A weak shortwave fights through the ridge on Friday, but doesn’t hold much potential for precipitation. A blocking pattern sets up through the weekend, with dry weather and a few waves bringing increased cloudiness under a warming trend.

Mountain Weather January 21, 2015

Date: 01/21/2015

Mostly dry conditions prevail as a wet air mass misses us as it moves through Arizona, while a cold disturbance passes to our northeast before converging on the southern disturbance over New Mexico. Enough moisture could ride up north for a few flurries this afternoon. Cold, dry northerly flow will fill in behind these systems by Thursday, and high pressure along the west coast will keep our mountains out of the storm track into next week.

Mountain Weather January 20, 2015

Date: 01/20/2015

We’ll see partially clearing skies today in the wake of the shortwave trough that passed overhead last night, bringing a much welcomed refresh to our snow surface. Lingering orographic snowfall should burn off around sunrise. A deepening Pacific trough will drop to our southwest on Wednesday morning, and an arctic air mass moves in from the north. We’ll have to exchange our flip-flops for down jackets, with more typical January temperatures returning to the valley and a chance for an inch or two of snow before things dry out through the rest of the work week.

Mountain Weather January 19, 2015

Date: 01/19/2015

Colorado seems to be getting the stiff arm in this week’s weather pattern. The jet stream is helping to keep the storm track north of Colorado and is favoring the Northwest, ID and WY. So we’re currently looking to have a mostly dry week ahead. Us forecasters will be working hard to think of witty comments to keep everyone entertained this week. This afternoon and evening could be the exception to the outlook. A weather system will clip Northern Colorado during this time and we may see some light snowfall.