Mountain Weather March 9, 2015

Date: 03/09/2015

Today is going to be clear, sunny and warm. Some states are having their spring break right now and if they’re in Colorado they’re going to love the weather as high temps increase each day as we head into the weak. For us powder starved CB peeps, we’ll have to wait until another week to get our fix. Chances of snow increase on Thursday and Friday but right now the storm doesn’t look to impressive.

Mountain Weather March 8, 2015

Date: 03/08/2015

You can keep those bikinis and banana hammocks in the drawer today, as spring break weather will be on hold. A small shortwave will force its way over the high pressure ridge this afternoon bringing increased clouds and slightly cooler day time high temperatures. If we see an unlikely flurry of snow out of this system, then I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket. Monday will be the return to spring break with above freezing high temperatures and clear sky as we head into the new week.

Mountain Weather for Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Date: 03/07/2015

Strong valley inversions are in place this morning with valley locations shivering in the single digits, while higher elevation stations sit in the low 20s. Winds are nearly calm even at ridge top this morning. High pressure dominates today and it will be a scorcher out there. A small disturbance tomorrow swings through the San Juans and Elk Mountains sunday, and uncertainty with our next storm mid week continues.

Mountain Weather for Friday, March 6th, 2015

Date: 03/06/2015

This morning higher elevation sites are in the high teens while valley locations flirt with the zero degree mark. Northwest winds continue to remain elevated, averaging around 15mph, and gusting to near 25. Today, temps will climb to near 30 degrees and winds will decrease. The bigger picture looks like a gradual warming trend as high pressure strengthens across the west, with a hiccup of increasing clouds on Saturday, and next chance of snow next Thursday.

Mountain Weather March 5, 2015

Date: 03/05/2015

Most weather stations are hovering at or below zero this morning. As a high pressure ridge builds over the west coast, we will see dry northwest flow set up for the next 7 days or so. This pattern brings a gradual warming trend under mostly clear skies and mild winds.

Mountain Weather March 4, 2015

Date: 03/04/2015

Moisture erodes quickly as north flow fills in behind the exiting trough. A few light showers may linger this morning, and skies will start clearing this afternoon. The familiar west coast ridge amplifies, bringing dry northwest flow under a warming trend into next week. It has been a great storm, hasn’t it?

Mountain Weather March 3rd, 2015

Date: 3/3/15

Here comes the final kick! As moisture moves east of us today, an upper level trough crosses the state, shifting flow from southwest to west to northwest through tomorrow. Unstable air will continue to fuel snow showers. Wind speeds remain elevated today and pick up again tomorrow on the backside of the trough. An associated cold front swoops down from the Northwest tonight intensifying snowfall. Kebler Pass and Paradise Divide can do quite well with this shift in flow direction. Ridging from the West Coast will bring an end to the storm on Wednesday, with skies clearing and a warming trend in the latter half of the week.

Mountain Weather March 2, 2015

Date: 03/02/2015

Don’t worry, just because its not snowing now we still have more snowfall on the way, but the timing of the heavier pulses is harder to nail down. There is a deep moisture tap extending from Southwest Colorado all the way to Southern California. This moisture will be the fuel for our next round of higher precipitation rates this afternoon or tonight. A cold front is currently moving across Utah and as it moves into our area later today/tonight it should produce bands of heavier snowfall with increasing winds. Snowfall will continue on Tuesday as another trough moves into Northern Colorado on northwest flow. This front will be even colder and we should see another pulse in snowfall rates as this system moves into central Colorado. Mt CB has seen some of the best accumulations recently while we’ve been under southwest flow. This flow will be changing to more westerly or northwesterly on Tuesday and increase the accumulations for the western portion of our area.

Mountain Weather March 1, 2015

Date: 03/01/2015

The simple part of the forecast is to say we’ll see accumulating snow each day through Wednesday. So we can all cheers to that. The harder part of the forecast is nailing down the specifies for each day. Today we’re expecting a slight decrease in precipitation rates before snowfall ramps back up this afternoon and tonight. The low pressure south of Colorado that is currently spinning moisture into our area is getting kicked to the east by an upstream shortwave trough dropping down on northwest flow. This trough looks to ramp up snowfall in our area again on Monday through Tuesday.

Mountain Weather for Friday, February 28th, 2015

Date: 02/28/2015

Our big weather maker continues its grind toward Colorado today as it drops southward along the California coast, before ejecting our way through the Four Corners and the desert Southwest. It have wobbled a bit, but good snowfall looks to remain on track for tonight, Sunday, and Monday. Interesting model changes over the last 24 hours, are shifting a brunt of the storm farther north, with more northwesterly components, a wind direction that can hammer our forecast area. Clouds will increase, and snow develop this afternoon into tonight, but really kicks Sunday into Monday and beyond.