Weakness under Windslab at Snodgrass test pit

CB Avalanche Center 2018-19 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 12/22/2018
Name: Aaron Peterson

Subject: Weakness under Windslab at Snodgrass test pit
Aspect: North
Elevation: 11,100


Lots of sluffing in the top 10cm of new snow on the decent. Nothing else noted.

Weather: Overcast, light snow with occasional graupel, low 20s F, strong west winds in the open and at tree-tops but calm in the trees.
Snowpack: Found a prominent wind-loaded feature on 20deg, north-facing terrain near the top of First Bowl on Snodgrass. Likely formed on 12/19.

HS 90cm with 10cm of new snow on top of a 15cm windslab on top of 4F-1F midpack. 15cm of faceted snow still present at ground level.

ECT 21, Q3. Failed on top of the basal facets. Same result on second test. Shovel shear failed at same level with moderate pressure.