Washington Gulch storm obs

CB Avalanche Center 2018-19 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 11/24/2018
Name: Eric Murrow

Subject: Washington Gulch storm obs
Aspect: North, North East, East
Elevation: 9500′ – 10100′


Two naturals midday ran on small steep slopes above Meridian Lake.

Weather: Overcast skies with light snow and light winds with moderate gust until around 2pm – then snow ramped up to s2 with moderate winds with strong gusts.
Snowpack: HS around lower flanks of Coneys ranged from 50 to 70 cms, about 40cm of new snow (lots of rimed PP and graupel mixed in). At 2pm, right as snow ramped up, measured 16″ new w/ 1.65SWE at 9800′. While ascending lower flanks of Coneys collapsing and cracking was relentless, pretty much every piece of terrain was barking instability.