Washington Gulch-Coneys

CB Avalanche Center2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/13/2021
Name: Andrew Breibart


Zone: Southeast Mountains
Location: Washington Gulch-Coneys
Aspect: North East, East
Elevation: BTL


Avalanches: Observed at least 4 distinct avalanches ranging in D0.5 to D2 between Meridian Lake and the Long Lake T.H. See pictures. These are natural avalanches that appear to have triggered between 02/12/21 and 02/13/21. The one closest to Meridian Lakes appears to have failed on basal facets.
Weather: Obscured skies and light winds at all elevations. S2 to S3 snowfall.
At the car, visibility was minimal and could not see avalanches observed from the road at 10:15 AM.
Snowpack: Ski pen off the skin track in an open are 1/2 the way up was about 12 inches. Underneath new snow, felt a slab 6 to 8 inches deep with faceted grains below (ski pole probe). No cracking or collapsing in this area.

Along the ridge, both of us stomped on terrain between first bowl and our line with no cracking or collapsing. Ski pole probin didn’t find faceted grains. Beneath the new snow, it took a lot of force to penetrate below the new snow. This was a localized probing.