Upper Slate River

CB Avalanche Center 2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Paradise Divide Area
NAME: Huck
SUBJECT: Upper Slate River
ASPECT: North, North East, East

AVALANCHES: No avalanche activity, but a few other items of note. The snow up the slate has been going strong. we were breaking a new skin track with ski pen at least a foot, up to 15+. On one small NE pocket, 32is degrees, we got one collapse, no cracking Or moving. The pocket was windloaded from this prior weeks winds. off the ridge, at least 3 cornices (relatively small portions of big cornices) had broken off presumably from this week’s winds and new snow, causing some major sloughing in all cases but no slab releases. Sloughs ran up to 400ft downslope. we also skied by cascade in the beaver slide area, where we got a other collapse near the top of the typical ski slope. Again no cracks or movement. It’s deep out there and snow was going strong from about 2pm onward.

WEATHER: Overcast at 11am and by 1pm, snowing hard (1″/hr). No to light winds.

SNOWPACK: About 8″ fresh since tuesday, on top of more than a foot from last weekends storm.