Star Pass, Brush Creek

CBAC 2014-15 Observations

NAME: Zach Guy

DATE: 3/25/15


Around 6″ of new snow since Monday night, drifted areas holding a foot or more in places over frozen crusts.Strong winds from the W yesterday shifted to NW today.  Noted a few small natural windslabs, (D1) on E aspects yesterday above treeline, and skier triggered a few small windslabs today on E to S aspects above treeline.  All D1, 4-10″ thick, failing on the storm interface (crust) or in mid-storm layers, near Star Pass.Still seeing some unsupportive crusts below treeline that haven’t gotten a much refreeze insulated by the fresh snow (4-12″ refreeze). Small rollerballs today on low elevation sunny slopes.  Above treeline feels rock solid below the new snow on sun exposed aspects.