South aspect

CB Avalanche Center 2016-17 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 11/24/2016
Name: EM
Subject: South aspect
Aspect: South East, South, South West
Elevation: 10000 – 12500

Avalanches: several small windslabs were visible throughout the range. All were confined to Wednesday nights snowfall.
Weather: Clear skies with cold valley temps and strong winds transporting snow off many alpine features and peaks in AM. Around noon winds had eased off and snow transport mostly stopped.
Snowpack: Many low elevation areas closer to 10k were composed of snowfall from just this past week. With snow from earlier storms melting off. Closer to treeline there was generally a suncrust at the ground covered by the previous weeks snowfall. Some slopes above 115000 had cohesive slab developed above this crust from past weeks snow and wind. Several locations showed this interface to be bonded relatively well.
At one location, 12500, south facing, 29*, start zone just below ridge top, we found that the wind blown snow from Wednesday night had bonded poorly to the snowfall from earlier in the week. Easy to moderate, Q2 results 18 cm down on surface facets (seemed slighly to thick of layer to be surface hoar). This location had clearly been stiffened by winds that came with the previous nights snowfall. We actively avoided this area of slabby snow. More protected features down slope didnt have this surface slab structure.