Soft Slab avalanche on Baldy 11/18/17

CB Avalanche Center2017-18 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 11/18/2017
Name: Stuart Griffin
Subject: Soft Slab avalanche on Baldy 11/18/17
Aspect: North
Elevation: ~11,000′


Remotely triggered from about 125′ away. Slide was about 50′ wide, ran approximately 150′. Crown size ranged from 1- 3 1/2′. Observed two other sympathetic slides. One of which was above original slide, unsure of distance run, but crown height appeared to be > 4′. Second observed slide was smaller in size, roughly 20′ wide with a 1-2′ crown height.

All of the above mentioned slides were all in wind loaded areas. Western side of northerly aspect.
Weather: Clear skies, N wind 10-15mph, Temp ~32*F
Snowpack: Unconsolidated with little to no base. Poor bonding between new snow and old snow. Basal Facets present on all aspects, also observed a lot of graupel mixed in with new snow. Lots of whumpfing, shooting cracks, very touchy snowpack.