Snow Safety team report

CB Avalanche Center 2017-18 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/15/2018
Name: Irwin Cat Operation

Subject: Snow Safety team report

Weather: Skies: Few, High Temp 31F, Winds Moderate with strong Gusts, NW transporting snow.
Solar radiation not too strong
Snowpack: HS 34″ at 8am, settled to 33″ by 4pm.¬†¬†Overall weak and variable snowpack with Fist to 4F Midpack. Any slab that is developed is very discontinuous. HS: 30-80 cm’s with 15-30cm ski pen and boot pen to the ground. some isolated wind whales that are hard plastered in. SE, S, & SW had a thin MF crust from yesterday. in Eastern terrain, observed HS of 80-100cm’s just below ridge top that diminished to 40-60cm’s lower on slope and in the aprons. A few different MF crusts that were not very clean. ECTX no propagation. No avalanches triggered. We dug 2 profiles in Aprons and both had propagating ECT’s on the 12/21 interface. In the shaded glade ECTPV on 4mm DH. on a sunnier slope ECTP 29 SC. The sunnier slope also had two mid pack crusts (1/6 & 1/9) and most surface snow that will be a crust tomorrow.
Only One Collapses felt today in Sunset Right with Packers.