Snodgrass/Slate AVY 1 Obs

CB Avalanche Center2015-16 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 02/01/2016
Name: Jake Beren
Subject: Snodgrass/Slate AVY 1 Obs
Aspect: North East, East, South
Elevation: 9000-10300

Weather: Y’all saw it, warm dumptown cooling in afternoon. Little to no wind.
Snowpack: HS on Snodgrass 155cm at 10k ENE. 35-45cm new right side up but the grauple it rests upon reacts easily (CTE). Snodgrass team observed 2 SH layers 45 and 51cms from the surface but they did not propagate on ECT testing. Generally F-4F-F structure on Snodgrass. At 10,100 ENE we did observe spidering cracks on a 41degree convex slope triggered from a recent skin track propagating 150 feet. It did not run but was a solid teachable moment for the youths.
Smith Hill reported widespread and repeated collapses throughout the entire tour, particularly when multiple people were stacked closely.