Snodgrass N-NE Ski tour

CB Avalanche Center2017-18 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 03/15/2018
Name: Chris Martin

Subject: Snodgrass N-NE Ski tour
Aspect: North, North East
Elevation: 9400′-1100′



Weather: WEATHER: Snow S-1,2,3 and BKN sky fluctuating back and forth throughout the day. Trend continued all the way ‘till 1600 when we exited the field. Virtually no winds except for around 1500 down valley winds.
Snowpack: Snowpack/Avalanche OBS:
Whump observed on flats touring up WG to Snodgrass, localized cracking only around skis. W aspect. No Slab Structure present. @ 10,000’ where whump occurred.

HS varied from 60-120cm. Persistent slab structure is present on the northerly aspects on Snodgrass, decreasing slab thickness as the aspect tilted more easterly. A few deep hand pits showed moderate to hard results failing above a stout MFcr @ 40 cm down on a NE aspect. On a N aspect, similar results, breaking on .5-1mm rounding facets and evidence of minimal MF/cr. Slabs above weak layer comprised of 4F-1F hardness. The 4f upper pack is comprised of rounding facets. No avalanches observed today. Without digging to ground, with ski pole pentrometer, feels as 1F slabcontinues to depth hoar above ground. Supportable boot pen all over snodgrass N at top of ski run @ 11,100’

The greenhouse effect is full on in the zone creating crusts further and further into the N aspect zone.

HN: 5cm observed at top of snodgrass

1100: 2C at 10000’. No winds

1315: 1C, calm down valley winds. BKN/Sun at top of snodgrass.

1430: S1 (Gruapel) Increasing clouds, THUNDER observed for 5 minutes with the very short period of graupel.