CBAC 2014-15 Observations

NAME: Alex & Donny
DATE: 15-03-15
LOCATION: Snodgrass (Rental shop Glades)
WEATHER:  Few clouds but mostly clear throughout the day. Hot Temps, As billy would say, Africa Hot. Maybe a gust of wind at 5mph
SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS:  When you get a crack of noon start and are targeting solar aspects i think we all know what were going to find. Found pretty consistent HS around 120cm around 10,500′. Snow was moist all the way to the ground. Boot pen ranging from 25cm to 80cm.
Our group observed multiple large collapses on a 15* SE facing slope around 10,500′. We dug a pit on a SE shaded 30* slope at 10,500′ and found a 4f trending to 1f 35cm slab resting over 70cm of mature facets with P+ 2cm crust layer thrown in the mix. CTX, ECTP18 @60cm, Q1.