CBAC2014-15 Observations

NAME: Donny
DATE: 15-02-15
LOCATION: Snodgrass
ELEVATION: 9,400’ to 11,140′

WEATHER: 1000: 36ºF, calm to light wind from north, visibly stronger winds aloft, partly cloudy.  PM:  Snow flurries, short periods of S1, no accumulation, graupel mixed in, cloud band must have been low-elevation because sun could still be felt; moderate wind from the north, no temp recorded, but clearly it cooled somewhat.

SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Dug a pit at 10,250’ on a 37º east aspect.  HS 90cm.  No buried SH found.  2mm DH found at base.  Most remarkably the old 12/13 interface had the largest facets – some DH evident.  Had repeatable CTH22 (SC) on this interface.  Top 10cm going through diurnal faceting.  Two, old crowns (D2-R1) still present in “Rental Shop” along with a loose snow slide from the top.  This is not relevant to today’s conditions, but it was a great teaching tool.