Skier triggered slabs on surface hoar

CB Avalanche Center2016-17 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/02/2017
Name: Steve Banks
Aspect: North, North East
Elevation: 10,500-11,200

Avalanches: Skier triggered 3 soft slabs on the SH layer. Each slide was 20-25 cms deep, near or below treeline, 20-40 feet wide, running very fast and far but the biggest was D1.5 at best. Interestingly the first one (7 Bowls) was remotely triggered from about 150′ uphill of the crown
3x SS-AS-R1-D1-I
Also notices extensive crowns in the craggy terrain above friendly finish (see photo). not great vis but looked fresh. Perhaps wind slabs releases this morning?
Weather: Light to moderate snow (S1 with period of S2) throughout the afternoon with very little wind near and below treeline. Chilly temps in the low 20’s.
Snowpack: 20-25cms of new snow, very light density with minimal slab formation. Reactive surface hoar layer under the new snow in both protected and open areas. SH resting on a very thin, ~4F temperature crust below todays new snow.


Looking up at the slide