Redwell Basin

CBAC 2014-15 Observations

Observer: Ross (Irwin Guides)
Date: 12/10/14
Location: Redwell Basin
Elevation: 12400-8900
Aspect: N
Weather: Sunny mid 30’s no precip or wind, strong solar

Snowpack/Avalanche Obs: From Kebler trail head the snow pack is thin and variable. On the south and south west aspects there is a sun crust that is somewhat supportable. Snow depths range from 10 to 20cm. Still powdery in the shaded areas. As you gain in elevation the snow depth increases with moist surface snow on sunny south facing aspects. At higher elevations 11500 wind scouring has reduced snow amounts to 10cm. Pockets of drifted snow exists in sheltered areas.

Redwell basin at 12300 has a week faceted snowpack especially around the rock bands. A slight wind crust exists at higher elevations and decreases as you drop in elevation. Snow depths range from 30cm to 50cm. No instabilities seen. At lower elevations the snow pack is week and shallow and through the waterfall section of redwell stumps and rocks are covered by 20cm of week faceted snow. At the bottom of redwell……its damm scary!!