Red Lady Glades

CB Avalanche Center 2017-18 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 03/13/2018
Name: Chris Martin

Subject: Red Lady Glades
Aspect: South East, South
Elevation: 9,000′ – 11,500′


Weather: Clear, sunny skies throughout the morning. 4C around 10-11 am near valley bottom. High clouds throughout midday steadily increasing as timed passed. Warm temps but not enough warmth to feel good about quality skiing in the Bowl. Calm winds gusting down valley.

Snowpack: HS 135cm @ 11500'. Persistent slab structure is present in this spot on a S aspect but healing. Hardness: 4F-1F-4F-P (Top to bottom). Bottom 20 cm is comprised of facets with 5 cm @ ground frozen pencil hard. Snow surfaces from valley bottom to RLG existing as MF/Cr varying in thickness. A good freeze last night revealed these crusts being thicker down low. No cracking, collapsing or avalanches observed today.