Red Coon Glades – Whumphs and Shooting Cracks – Touchy Observations

CB Avalanche Center 2018-19 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 12/03/2018
Name: Chris Martin

Subject: Red Coon Glades – Whumphs and Shooting Cracks – Touchy Observations
Aspect: South East
Elevation: 11,000′



Weather: calm , no drifiting snow observed.
Obscurred cloud cover
S-1 throughout the morning
Snowpack: Skied up through Coon glades today recognizing signs of instability, including whumpfs and shooting cracks that failed at similar depths on our tour up, all the way down to weak layer of facets. Weak layer did fluctuate characteristics on ascent. Appeared as Fist layer 10-15 cm of Basal facets at Pit #1 and changing to a Pencil hard 5cm frozen Layer crust at the ground with 2 mm facets above the crust. Test Results below. Great day to wiggle the low angle slopes.

Shooting Crack Pit #1:
HS 55cm SE Aspect 10,500′
F- 4F – F (top-Bottom)
Slab structure barely present but enough to whumpf, shoot a crack, and Fail on isolation of CT
Failures appearing on 10-15 cm layer of 1-2mm Basal Facets
CTV at crust above 10-15 cm layer of basal facets
No need for a Propagation test here, snow above column failed on isolation as well – see photos

Pit #2:
HS 70cm SE Aspect 11000′
F-4F-1F- P (top-Bottom)
Slab structure present in this pit
@30 cm from surface within storm snow CT 20 Q3 PC
@55cm from surface MFcr observed with 2mm FC directly above crust – PST 45 SF – See video
MFcr about 5 cm thick frozen at the ground