PS structure near ridgeline

CB Avalanche Center2016-17 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 03/11/2017
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: PS structure near ridgeline
Aspect: North East
Elevation: 9,000 – 11,300

Weather: Hot baby hot. With calm winds and few clouds.
Snowpack: Not much for any signs of last weeks epic wind storm in Climax area. PS structure at ridegline on a previously wind-loaded terrain feature. CT24 SP down 45cms on old faceted snow with a decomposing slab on top, but still 1f above the week layer. We avoided this terrain feature. Below ridgeline the slab became thiner and more decomposed as the PS structure tapered away.

On a more easterly tilted, steep slope, small loose wet avalanches were easy to trigger. Observed at 9,600ft. Northeasterly facing slopes were still dry at noon.