November Wet Slab

CB Avalanche Center 2017-18 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 11/26/2017
Name: Ben Pritchett
Subject: November Wet Slab
Aspect: East
Elevation: 12,200


This avalanche was first observed at 8am on Nov 26th, and reported to the CBAC around 3pm. The debris was described as gleaming white, looking fresh at 8am, though the observer assumed it likely ran the afternoon prior (Saturday, November 25). By the time I got eyes on the slide at around 3:15pm, it was in the shadows, so all details reported here are based on the attached photo and phone call with the observer.

A photo from prior to Nov. 17 storm does show the presence of old snow in the particular location of this avalanche, and the avalanche photo does show a white bed surface. Reports from East facing terrain on Mt. Bellview indicated that snow surfaces were wet ~15cm from the surface at around 12,000′, so I presume melt-water pooled on the Nov. 17 interface, releasing this slide on the afternoon of Nov. 25.