Natural Avalanche On Mt Owen

CB Avalanche Center 2017-18 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/16/2018
Name: Evan Ross. Eric Murrow

Subject: Natural Avalanche On Mt Owen
Aspect: East, South East, South
Elevation: 11,000-12,800

Weather: Mostly clear sky and calm winds.
Snowpack:¬†Didn’t feel any collapses or see any shooting cracks, but the weak layers are there on some slopes. Some slopes up in the alpine had a very hard mid-pack from the pre-christmas wind event.

Crown profile at 12,700ft on the northeast face of Mt Owen. HS 160. With an F to 1F slab 85cm thick capping the 12/23 facets. At the interface, these facets were 1 to 2mm and 4F+ hard. Deeper into basal facets they became 3mm depth hoar and F+ hard. This natural avalanche appeared to fail at the 12/23 interface but quickly gouged to the ground. HS-N-R2-D2.5-O. PST 70/180 end while dragging the saw just below the interface. PST 100/160 end while dragging the saw at the interface. On the map the crown is more NE looking.

Quick pit at 11,800 on an ESE aspect. HS 85. 4F+ mid-pack over small 4F facets about 25cms thick at the ground. ECTX. CTH on the 1/6 interface, small NSF. Structure wasn’t too concerning.


Roller balls on steep southerly terrain