Mt. Emmons

CBAC 2014-15 Observations

NAME: Evan Ross
DATE: 3/11/15
LOCATION: Mt. Emmons
WEATHER: Thin overcast Clouds created a very warm greenhouse effect below ridgeline where there was no wind. At ridgeling winds where SW light with moderate gusts during the first half of the day.
On north facing upper elevations (ATL/NTL) boot pen averaged about 20cm. HS was around 150cm-195cm on average. Feeling with a probe through the terrain, the PS structure was about 80cm thick with a relatively thin layer of weaker snow below. At these elevations the snow surface stayed dry despite the warm conditions. At lower elevations (BTL) snow surfaces where moist. No obvious or resent sings to instability noticed at all elevations.
ATL snow surfaces on South where still frozen at noon.