Mountain Weather for 11,000ft, Thursday 1/9

CB Avalanche Center Weather

Date: 01/09/2020

The shallow trough axis, which gave us the last little dusting of snow, is now headed east. A partly cloudy sky is overhead early this morning as we await the next push of moisture. A much larger low-pressure trough is next in line and moving across the mountain west. We’ll see moisture levels increasing today with thickening clouds. A couple inches of snow are in the forecast for this afternoon and tonight. Unfortunately, the storm energy with this low pressure will be far to our south. So we have the moisture, but we don’t have much of the other weather factors to turn it into good snow accumulations. Winds will also drop during this period.

On Friday we’ll see dryer weather under northerly flow. Winds will also take an increase for a brief period on Friday. That dry weather will last into Saturday morning. Thankfully the storms keep coming and the next is in line for Saturday. Snow looks to get going Saturday mid-day or afternoon and continue overnight. Saturday’s storm looks to have the best snow accumulations for this period.

  • Today

    High Temperature: 18 to 22
    Winds/Direction: 5 to 15, WSW
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 1 to 2
    Elkton Snow: 1 to 2
    Friend’s Hut Snow: Trace to 2

  • Tonight

    Low Temperature: 4 to 8
    Winds/Direction: 5 to 15, WNW
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 1 to 3
    Elkton Snow: 1 to 3
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 1 to 2

  • Tomorrow

    High Temperature: 16 to 20
    Winds/Direction: 10 to 20, NW
    Sky Cover: Decreasing clouds
    Irwin Snow: 0 to 1
    Elkton Snow: 0 to 1
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0 to 1