Mountain Weather 4/7/2017

CB Avalanche Center Weather

Date: 04/07/2017

A band of high thin clouds passed through last night while temperatures in the 10-12k elevation range stayed near freezing with below freezing temperatures in the valleys. Winds are on the increase from the southwest as a low pressure system system is spinning moister into the western US. This change to southwest flow has opened the door for increasing temperatures into Saturday. With an increase in temperatures today, we should also see increasing cloud cover this afternoon. A bank of clouds is currently stalled out over western Utah and they should start moving into Colorado today. As this low pressure system moves north of Colorado on Saturday/Saturday night, its looking like we could get a few inches of snow accumulation. Then dryer weather will begin moving back in on Sunday.

Since we have been wrong on the last few spring storms, forecasting new snow and then getting skunked, I hope I’m wrong on this one and it just dumps for closing day at CBMR! With rain in Gunnison of course, so that the trails melt out.