Mountain Weather 1/9/2017

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 01/09/2017

A very moist and warm airmass is pushing into Colorado on Southwest flow. Temperatures are right around the freezing level at 11,000ft Monday morning and will remain near or just above freezing today. There is lot of precipitation in the forecast for Monday, starting to pick up around 7am. Above 11,000ft we’ll see very large snow totals, while below 11,000ft we’ll see a mix rain and snow. These warm temperatures make the snow forecast very difficult. Colder air starts to arrive from the north tonight but temperatures will still rebound to just below freezing at 11,000ft tomorrow. Tomorrow will also bring a loll in precipitation as we await the next round kicking off around Tuesday night. We’ll see another round of heavier precipitation on the Wednesday/Wednesday night timeframe as well. Later in the week there is some disagreement in weather models and we’ll wait to look into that one.