Mountain Weather 12/15/2016

CB Avalanche Center Weather

Date: 12/15/2016

We will see a short gasp of dry air this morning before unseasonably warm, southwesterly flow ushers in the main event. Temperatures at 5am are already in the upper 20s, and look to approach the upper 30s today. Heavy snowfall will start very warm, even potentially as R A I N below 10,000ft (we’re talking Crested Butte), before a sharp cold front acts as gas on the moist atmospheric fire and cranks the snow tomorrow before clearing out Saturday morning. Precipitation models are getting excited about this recipe, and while they may be going a bit heavy on the pinks and purples, 1-2 feet of snow look likely, with the potential for some impressive totals in the usual places (Schofield and Kebler Passes) by midday Saturday.