Mountain Weather 1/21/2017

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 01/21/2017

Storm number 2 in our recent 3 part series has been producing snow in southwest Colorado while the central mountains have been in the forecasted lull overnight. Moisture will arrive into our area later this morning as we’ll see snow showers develop through the day. A temporary ridge begins to build this evening and as it does we’ll see wind directions become more west and eventually northwest. Available moisture will be drying out at the same time, but any lingering moisture available will be rung out in the western portion of the forecast area where we see snow showers extend into the evening. The ridge will bring dryer conditions early Sunday morning during the break before storm number 3. We’ll see clouds increasing Sunday afternoon as number 3 get ready to send us back into stormy weather for several days. Number 3 is looking like a good snow producer for the area and we’ll talk more details on this tomorrow.