Minimal Avalanche Issues

CB Avalanche Center 2016-17 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 04/11/2017
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: Minimal Avalanche Issues
Aspect: North East, East, South East
Elevation: 11,600-12,950

Avalanches: Plenty of old loose wet avalanches to be viewed. Mostly D1.5 or smaller in size at near and above treeline elevations on northeast to south to west aspects. All this activity looks to have happened previous to last weekend. Very little activity to be viewed below treeline.
Weather: Clear sky in the morning increased through the day becoming overcast by 2pm. Mostly calm to light winds at ridgeline.
Snowpack: Minimal avalanche issues observed. Didn’t encounter a loose wet concern. Isolated wind drifts up to 20cm’s deep were mostly unreactive.

Northeast: The northerly end of the aspect spectrum is staying dry, while the easterly end of the spectrum was warmed and produced some loose wet activity last Friday 4/7. These snow surfaces stayed dry today and sluffing was minimal. Last weekend storm snow was drifted to 20cm’s thick right near ridgeline with some stubborn cracking to 10ft, but no other results.

Southeast: Below 11,500ft the upper snowpack has made a nice transition to spring conditions and typical corn cycle setup. Above that elevation is still transitional. Boot pen is about 15cm-20cms deep breaking through the surface crust while frozen in the morning. Some portions of the slope are cross loaded to 20cms deep by last weekends storm with a ski supportable surface crust on top. While other portions of the slope are tinted brown, and blown down to the 4/7 interface. The 4/7 interface was also breakable to boots into colder snow below while supportable to skis. This surfaces warmed up in the afternoon with 5cm or so ski pen.

East 11,800-12,200: Hot, but not a mess. I don’t know if I like hot messes, but I know I don’t like just hot all-a-cart. Sweaty. Mostly traveled near ridgeline where last weekends new snow was baked in, and non problematic. Moist snow surfaces but no loose wet concerns.