Major Slides on Whetstone

CB Avalanche Center 2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
SUBJECT: Major Slides on Whetstone
ASPECT: North, North East, East, South East, North West
ELEVATION: 8000-12000ft


AVALANCHES: Major slides observed on Whetstone today.

1) debris seen from 2 different small slides on E and N aspects in ‘lucky boy bowl’

2) Palm tree chute ran full track D2.5

3) whetstone main summit bowl wall to wall

4) big bowl just south of main (north) summit ran

5) M Face almost wall to wall

6) lots of smaller D2 slides on steep cross loaded and wind loaded terrain features and slopes all along massif

7) just about every path and slope above the highway dept barn off hwy 135 to the U employment chutes ran full track.

Seems like most everything was D2 – D3 in size and ran on the top of the basal facet layer, but that’s just from what it seems from the valley floor

Impressive cycle….one of the bigger widespread natural cycles I’ve seen on whetstone in quite some time.