Large slides at Irwin

CB Avalanche Center2015-16 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 12/23/2015
Name: Ian Havlick & Irwin Guides
Subject: Large slides at Irwin

Avalanches: It is pretty safe to say we have hit a critical mass. We have seen several natural slides to the ground in our terrain, as well as impressive explosive triggered slides in untrafficked terrain. Its full on out there. MAJOR AVALANCHES. East Barkmarker nearly went wall to wall from one single handshot full depth. NATURAL avalanches observed within our terrain in largely untrafficked areas included Crotch (SS-N-R4-D2.5-O- south facing 11,600ft), a deep pocket in Whiskey (south facing 11,000ft) and Sunny Shouder down low in skiers right half, as well as a pocket in Mean, all full depth to ground.
Weather: Scuddy, partly cloudy to overcast skies most of day with light snow. Light winds, and cool temperatures in low 20s. Heavy snow began 1500, continued through 1630, 2-3”/hr, whiteout visibility at times.
Snowpack: 4” of water last 9 days. Huge wind event last night Seeing 6-12 foot drifts on 70 Ridge this morning.

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