Kebler Pass, Ruby Range

CB Avalanche Center 2015-16 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 12/03/2015
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: Kebler Pass, Ruby Range
Aspect: North East, South East
Elevation: 11,500-13,000

Avalanches: One naturel windslab that likely failed a couple days ago. Observed from to far away to accurately estimate size. Crown was about 12,200 feet in elevation on an easterly aspect.
Weather: Mostly clear sky. Moderate Westerly winds at 13,000. Light winds at lower elevation. No snow transport.
Snowpack: Alpine terrain is back to being variable snow conditions due to the recent wind events. Snow surfaces are soft and textured in some places, wind loaded or pillowed in others, or just straight wind crust/wind board. Didn’t observe any obvious signs to instability, but used cations or avoided isolated terrain features in extreme terrain. Most hazardous feeling areas were, where hard slabs tapered to weak snow near rock outcrops, and on convex terrain features with previous wind loading.